Piero Grizi

Piero Grizi Nobile Jesino A “sensitive” artist, he was born in 1885 into a noble family from Tesina and spent his childhood in the ancestral palace along the main street of Jesi. Many of his works are found in the Porticello Winery.

Lorenzo Lotto

Lorenzo Lotto Great Venetian Painter. He was one of the main exponents of the Venetian Renaissance of the early sixteenth century. Some of his works can be found in the Jesi Art Gallery. Deposition, Annunciation, Altarpiece of Santa Lucia, Madonna delle Rose, The Visitation.

Pergolesi Theater

The Giovanni Battista Pergolesi theater in Jesi (AN) is the historic theater of the city located in Piazza della Repubblica 9.

Cathedral, Piazza Federico II

The Cathedral of San Settimio is the main Catholic place of worship in Jesi. It is located in the historic Piazza Federico II, the most important in the city.

Pianetti Palace

Palazzo Pianetti, the current seat of the municipal art gallery, is a significant example of eighteenth-century architecture. Begun in 1748 on commission of the noble family of the Pianetti marquises by the painter architect Domenico Luigi Valeri (1710-1770) and finished around 1781, it has a central body with two floors and at the ends two wings that extend towards the Italian garden, architecturally closed by a terrace that runs around the courtyard.


Lorenzo Lotto – Pala di Santa Lucia (1532)

The Castles of Jesi

The Castles of Jesi are a set of municipalities in the Vallesina around the historic city of Jesi, in the Marche region. They are known above all as the place of production of the precious Verdicchio wine, obtained from the vine of the same name on the gentle hillsides of the Vallesina.

Our vineyards

Land of the Marche and its products to make the “Porticello” the place for wine tastings and “awards”. And with the harvest, the fixed appointment, upon returning from the countryside, was at the “Sporticello”

The Beauties of the Cellar

Ancient Cellars of Porticello obtained from the Western Walls in 1605.