Porticello’s Winery

Story of a Love of Wine

In the heart of the historic center of Jesi, in the Marche (Italy), the Vallesina area known for the production of quality wines. An important family of nobles from Jesi, from which Count Massinissa Grizi (Massimo) descended, owned cellars used for pressing the grapes, and for the subsequent sale of wines.

The wine was administered on site, with traditional products of the popular peasant cuisine of Jesi. They weren’t common cellars. Born in 1605 therefore among the first of Vallesina, called “Ancient cellars of Porticello”.
It is in these cellars that Count Massimo meets Donna Erminia of Dusseldorf on a visit to Jesi, a town that was the birthplace of Emperor Frederick II. It was a love of wine that led to a redevelopment of the vines and wines (verdicchio, lacrima, piceno red, conero red).
After years of inactivity, the rediscovery of the Porticello, and the renovations, were undertaken in 2OO3, by Bruno Santinelli.
In November 2007 the Porticello cellars were reopened to the public by Bruno Santinelli who also financed for the restructuring of the writings in the ancient “PIETRA PORTICELLO” with the authorization of the Fine Arts Institute of Urbino and FAI (Fondo Ambiente Italiano ).

The Flavors

It was Mr. Moretti, well-known cellarman and expert in typical cuisine of the time, who made the evenings of the “Porticello” lively thanks to tasty typical dishes of Jesi, many moments and many memories of the Jesina tradition, where everything revolved around local wines and its colors: from Rosso Piceno to Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi, from Rosso Conero to Lacrima di Morro d’Alba.

It was the Marche region and it was its products that made the “Porticello” the place for wine tastings and “awards” … and with the grape harvest the fixed appointment, on returning from the countryside, was at the “Sporticello”.

Currently, Mr. Santinelli has founded the Jesina Vini del Porticello association, to raise awareness, value and promote the wines, recalling the historical traditions of the cellars. A foundation wanted by Bruno as a tribute to what was left written by the former owner, Count Massinissa Grizi. Free admission for anyone.

For info. tel 3495265203 or by writing to: informazioni@cantinaporticello.it